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Oct 04 / Skip jQuery document.one event for certain elements
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document.one skip solution

So, the situation here is very straigth forward: you want to use $(document).one handler on something like pop-up settings box, which should be closed if user clicks anywhere outside of it. But what if the settings box in question has some elements inside it that need a separate handling and should keep the box open? Read inside on how to skip document.one event in such cases.

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Jul 27 / Trim function for older IE browsers
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If you use jQuery, you've certainly came across the trim() function. It's the quickest and painless way to remove the white space from the beginning and end of a string. However as much as jQuery tries to cover cross-browser compatibility, there's just this little that always gets missed out on. For a quick workaround read inside.

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May 02 / Remove outline property from the links (inc. IE6 & IE7)
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There are times when you create a navigation layout that just cannot bear the outline property that is being added by browsers. Although it is not an issue in most of the latest ones, some of the older browsers such as IE 6 & 7 can give you a bit of a hard time accepting your unwillingness to use its standards. However, just as any other 'bug', this one's got a solution too.

Hit 'read more' to find out just how it can be solved in few simple steps.

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Jan 15 / jQuery Custom Content Scroller mobile extension [updated 18/03]
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Familiar with malihu jQuery Custom Content Scroller? Or maybe even using it extensively on all the projects you lay your hands on? Read inside to find out how you can add mobile browser functionality to this otherwise extremely brilliant script.

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Nov 04 / Custom website font with @font-face
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So you have designed and built the website polishing down every single curve and corner for it to look as fabulous as it was originally intended. Then upload it to the server and … surprise! It just doesn’t look like on your local machine. After performing a thorough investigation on your endless CSS files you realise, that in fact all that has changed is… FONT. Sounds familiar?

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Sep 17 / Read and process hash tag URL
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Using hash tag links is a popular practice between AJAX calls based websites as hash tag URL extension can be easily changed without reloading the page. This post will show you how to read the part of URL after the hash tag and process it to the specified function. Read inside to see how it really works.

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Sep 14 / External hash tag link and Internet Explorer bug
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If you are jQuery fan and building a web site with some animations you will (most likely) end up using hash tag links. But if you ever try to open them using external souce link you may bump into a very unpleasant surprise. Using the 'notorious' Internet Explorer such links, once opened will automatically refresh the page at your very first click.

Look inside for a very simple workaround to this little, but quite annoying bug.

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