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May 02 / Remove outline property from the links (inc. IE6 & IE7)
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There are times when you create a navigation layout that just cannot bear the outline property that is being added by browsers. Although it is not an issue in most of the latest ones, some of the older browsers such as IE 6 & 7 can give you a bit of a hard time accepting your unwillingness to use its standards. However, just as any other 'bug', this one's got a solution too.

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Nov 04 / Custom website font with @font-face
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So you have designed and built the website polishing down every single curve and corner for it to look as fabulous as it was originally intended. Then upload it to the server and … surprise! It just doesn’t look like on your local machine. After performing a thorough investigation on your endless CSS files you realise, that in fact all that has changed is… FONT. Sounds familiar?

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